Roll, Run, and Scream

A few weeks before school was out for the summer, Oz asked me to drive him the next morning. Umkay, that’s kind of weird because he loves to ride his bike to school. I say something like ‘Sure bud, why?’ He comes back with something like ‘I want to do a combat roll out of the car.’ Made perfect sense.

So day one with the combat roll out of the car was fun and the Mom behind me had a WTF! face that was priceless. But it didn’t get on video. And you know the rules, if it’s not on video…it didn’t happen. So Combat roll take two only this time we both rode our bikes up to school and I brought the camera. Here it is:

Now the combat roll and run into school had me cracking up pretty good. Then as I watched the video, I noticed a little dude running into school behind Oz and that got me thinking…did I ever “run” into school? I think the last time I liked anyplace enough to “run” into it, food and alcohol were involved (as in me getting there fast.) I started watching the kids after that and sure as shit, most of them run into the school. It’s awesome. Bigg told Oz they would have a combat roll/run off at some point…stay tuned for that video.

Which brings us to the screaming. Our new home is a house away from an Elementary school and the Cheesehead kids are still cooped up, poor things. While I was just sitting here enjoying my steak and eggs and French press coffee, they seemed to take an impromptu recess break (I’m guessing more for the teachers.) Heh. Anyways, the screaming coming from the playground was epic. I’m quite sure not one of those kids used a voice resembling anything other than a shrill, “I must be louder than everyone else” sound. Which got me thinking again, when was the last time I screamed with such abandonment? Can’t remember but it was probably at some type of hockey game or other sporting event (and yes, alcohol was probably involved.)

So here’s my challenge to you (the few anyway reading this), in the next week go ahead and Roll, Run, and/or Scream. Oh, screaming at your kids doesn’t count, that’s too normal. Go ahead, I dare ya. Run into work. Roll out of a conference room chair. Scream while running (no, you can’t scream at your kids’ soccer and baseball games, that just makes you a douche’ sport parent.) This is about you. Do it. Report back.

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