Growing up, my parents (mom mostly, pops when he could) set a good example on how to support the kids (us) at our sporting events. It was not uncommon for Ma to sit in a pool area for two hours at one of my meets; go on to football practice for my brother; and finish the day at my Lil sister’s dance class. If I wasn’t in the pool, then it was expected that I was watching that football game or attempting not to laugh at the chaos of 25 six year olds tap dancing across a floor in unison. It’s called support, and it was instilled in us pretty early.

I started thinking about this after reading an article on how NY Jets center Nick Mangold (above with Holley) is choosing not to miss the first couple days of training camp to watch his sister Holley lift in the Olympics in London later this summer in person. First off, know this now, I’m not judging. I honestly don’t care. It just inspired a stroll down memory lane on how giving support to family members (extended family too) was expected.

It’s one thing I’m enjoying about Bigg’s family. Even without the draw of NYC, they’re still planning on coming to Reno to support him at America’s Strongest Man. Even without understanding a lot about his training or competing at this level, they still support him, no questions asked. It’s also why I harp constantly on the older twins to support the Oz man when they can…because there were days he sat in his little car carrier deal for 4+ hours watching their various shit while staying within a two mile radius of home. Poor kid.

It’s nothing now for the cousins to run to a hockey or ball game and watch each other and it makes us old folks happy. So ya, stop being so busy and go take in your nephew’s t-ball game. I know, it’s hot and sticky outside and t-ball is boring as hell. But he’ll remember you were there and you’ll probably go for ice cream after the game. Win/win.

*****UPDATE: Nick Mangold made the jaunt across the pond to watch his sister lift. She did great and we all look forward to 2016 to see how far she goes. Pretty cool.*******

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