Monday Bacon: Quickie

Bigg and I had a whirlwind visit to our meeting place, Wichita Falls Tx. We hit town around 11:30 p.m. Thursday and were back out by Saturday early evening. In that time, we…had breakfast with one of my pilots who is now an Instructor Pilot and thoughtful enough to send a very bad ass patch for the Oz man; from there I had to recover from the sugar crash of the syrup from my pancake which hit me much harder than I’d imagined due to my clean eating of late (MyBad!); had awesome visits with friends and ate at one of my favorite WF joints, Fuzzy’s Taco!

 We fit in a hockey game with the Godmother of hockey and her guy, had some amazing visits with a dear, dear friend of mine who is married to a very cool dude and we always have a great time when we’re together as couples; we ate good, relaxed, and had a blast.

We just happened to hit town during the Rider H.S. Powerlifting meet so we took some of that in too. My lifter, Katy, kicked arse even though she is nursing a knee injury from Volleyball season.

photo (3)

She squatted a very solid 265# which is great for her first meet. I just couldn’t be more proud of her as a lifter, a senior in high school, and a very awesome chik. It was a great bonus to see her lift and spend a few moments with her. We also got to see Colton lift. Colton has been a WFAC regular for years and has developed into a very kick ass lifter. He takes strength training very seriously and is one of the hardest, most consistent workers in the gym I’ve ever seen. Here he is squatting 490#…

He hits his depth, and then some, even though he had to dehydrate and lose three pounds before weigh in. It was a great lift and lots of fun to watch.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I’m so thankful to spend it with my Bigg guy in between some work trips of his. It hit all of the high points of Wichita Falls and helped me to put away some of the stress I guess I held on to without realizing it of my time there.

But now it’s Monday which means it’s back to work! First…some bacon!

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