There’s a funny saying out there, “Declaring your plans makes God laugh” or something like that. I was thinking of that as I was writing about our plan for the Texas weekend. I thought, “Here’s what we’re planning, I wonder what it will really look like?” Here’s what I didn’t have pictured:

A day, throwing and lifting heavy shit, in the pouring rain. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We DID have amazing BBQ from Lockhart. The beef rib from Black’s is still my favorite. The Oz man DID have a blast on his airplane rides. He really liked the fact that, since he’s 12, he doesn’t have to take his shoes off at security and I do (It’s the little things in life for a 12 year old.) Getting a free soda and pretzels also make his day.

I woke up Friday morning feeling like I needed something a little more healthy than a Gene’s burger so we picked up some fruit and chicken salad (and later Whataburger for the boys who did NOT feel like they needed something healthy.) Our Friday became quite the whirlwind when we hit Wichita Falls as we made a quick Academy run for some tacky (which did NOT work in the rain. Which reminds me, I owe Tammy a bottle of spray tacky); got checked in; dropped Oz off at his Texas home away from home; and made a Fuzzy’s taco stop for snacks. We got packed up to go practice some throws; got harassed at the Falls Fest gate; and finally made our way to the field. After spending a little more time there than planned, we headed over to Opa’s to for pre-event Schnitzel.

We had Strudel too but we ate it too fast to snap a picture. Heh.

I woke up Saturday morning, peeked outside, and saw…puddles. Lots and lots of puddles. It was very 300, “Then we shall throw in the rain.”

I’ll write about the Highlander in more detail a little later, but suffice it to say, it was a soaking good time. Here’s a preview pic of us ladies shot just as we were finishing up

We wrapped up the weekend at breakfast with Dr. Ghanbarri (had to deliver his cheese prizes) and then lunch with the hockey kid…

Overall, the plan was hit and miss which is exactly how life goes. The weekend was a complete success and I’m very thankful to Bigg for all his help in making it happen. Now it’s time to peel our wet clothes out of the suitcases, figure out how to de-mud kilts, and get back to real life.

Stay tuned for more on the Highlander…

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