Monday Bacon: Weather or Not…

…here it comes!

I remember when I used to get annoyed at the weather. Plan a family picnic? Rain. Easter Egg hunt? Snow. White Christmas? Brown grass. Want a brown grass Christmas due to traveling? Snow storm. I guess at some point in time, it finally clicked. I have no control over the weather and need to adjust accordingly.

Two years ago in Texas tested this weather zen. It was 100 degrees by March 31st and never really cooled off until October. I was renting a home with a pre-historic cooling system that shut off ONLY when it finally broke down and didn’t get action from the landlord for a week. Crabby doesn’t even begin to cover my mood. ADD in the fact that my Bigg guy would visit and bring an extra 30 degrees of heat on his own. I would jump in my car and go for a drive just to be able to have the air conditioning on full blast and HOPE to cool off slightly before going back to the heat. It was rough.

But I made it. Of course. It was a pretty good indicator that Texas wasn’t for me. I’m an up north girl. So up north I are. But it’s the back half of April and still snowing. We’ve been getting an hour here and there with beautiful glimpses of spring sun and warmth but it’s quickly covered back up by clouds, wind, rain, and cold.  Meh.

This spring is testing even the hardiest northerners. My college student had a snow day on Thursday due to a 7-9″ snow dump in her little cornfield town. This girl; who loves winter; who loves the cold; who is one of the last one’s off the outdoor rink each winter, had this to say about the recent snow fall, “This sucks.” Heh.

But soon it will warm up (probably) and we’ll forget all about the late snows and wet days (I hope.) And that’s why I don’t sweat the weather, cuz unless it’s a horrible disaster (flooding on it’s way to Grand Forks again, they have something to be upset about) we’ll be okay. So keep the heavy coats out an extra week or so; have an Irish Coffee; and chill. Heh, get it? Chill?

Ahhh, earth day, the only day of the year where being able to hackey sack will get you laid.

Jon Stewart

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