Friday Jams: Scotland The Brave


Last Wednesday evening, Matt and I stayed a wee bit out ‘O the center square so had to catch a cab to bring us home after we celebrated the First Pint at the Tastle Cavern in Inverness. Since our Flat we shared was just down the street, this became our ‘Cheers’ for the trip.


When I walked up to the cab, a YES sticker was proudly displayed in the window and when I jumped in, an End London Rule sticker was on the dashboard. We struck up conversation with the driver and away we went. Now, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’m not Scottish. At all. I can give you my opinion on the Haole’s coming to Hawaii and the negative impact it had (and has) on the locals cuz I DO have a dog in that fight. But not this one.

I’ll be honest when I say I was struck by the passion of these Yes patriots. They are solid in their argument; they are strong in their conviction, and they are willing to continue the fight if the vote doesn’t go through for Independence. The NO vote has sensibility; currency concerns along with military and social services questions. Not quite as sexy but running an empire of such different cultures and history isn’t really supposed to be sexy eh?

As I type this, the results are slowly coming in. I have Sky News on and while the YES vote is hanging tight, the NO numbers are rising. Who knows what it will be when I wake up and finish typing this. I have my guesses but we’ll see. And the answer is…

Nope. Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom. PM Gordon Brown has promised that commitments he made to give Scottish Parliament more power would be followed up on. Time will tell on that. That is something I’ll be watching more closely than the actual vote. A politician in power keeping promises. We’ll see.

It was an absolutely fascinating time to be in Scotland and made an already amazing trip even more so.

So for all of Scotland today…

…Scotland The Brave.

In my end is my beginning.

Mary Queen of Scots

That’s fooked!

Everyone in our flat at some point

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