Monday Bacon: Cleaning Up


As much as I’m not one to set New Year’s resolutions, I guess I have one. I don’t know how it happened, I have just noticed a trend these past few weeks and I’m going with it. And that is to clean up my computer time (no, this has nothing to do with porn, is nothing sacred?)

No crappy lifting videos. None. You want to post one? Fine. Don’t care. But don’t tag me in it to watch. Especially if I’ve coached you in the past and you decide to forego that and start lifting shitty and then later complain that your lifts aren’t going anywhere or that you’re injured. I don’t want anyone to know that I ever had anything to do with you. Just, no. Post a crappy lifting video and we’re no longer FB friends. In real life? Sure. Then we can talk about interesting things and but not about how your training has taken a Godzilla sized dump and you can’t figure it out. No.

No weightlifting or, god forbid, Press videos with thrown bars from overhead. Boom, you are e-dead to me. It makes me angry, like, over the top angry to see some douchey lifter PR an overhead lift and take more dedication and thought to slam the bar down ‘Outlaw’ style. If you don’t want to respect your lifting equipment, fine. But I’m not going to watch it. The energy that you’ve just put into the bar is that you don’t give a shit about it and I don’t want any part of it. It’s probably pretty kooky, I’ll blame it on the Hawaiian in me. Objects contain energy, energy that we put into it and that we hope to receive from it. A PR is to be celebrated. Happy dance; fist pump; drop on your knees and hulk tear your shirt off (make sure to have a sport’s bra on underneath please ladies if you’re in public), or PR hugs. PR hugs are my favorite. But to slam a bar down, even if it’s yours, makes me not like you. Probably not in real life either. To take joy in slamming a barbell down on the floor (yes, I’ve seen people do this in a press too. I wanted to smash their face into the wall. Ragemuch?) means that there is a fundamental difference in how we go through life. I’m not saying my way is right, god no. But I’m saying I don’t want anything to do with a person who does that. Byebye (stewardess style.)

Calling names. This is one of the biggest grievances I have with the internet. When in the world did it make it okay as an adult to call another adult a name? When? For those that know us, we have had problems with our neighbors since the 2nd day they moved in a year and a half ago. When one issue is seemingly resolved (or the police have told them they can’t complain about it anymore because they’re lying) they move on to another issue. It is my opinion that there will always be something because that’s the type of people they seem to be. Fine. Whatev dude. The recent issue is that they have requested, through a note they taped on their window facing our house, that we not snow blow onto their brick or windows (including their basement windows.) Well, the Snow Gods were good to us this weekend and gave us about a foot or more of snow. Thank you Snow Gods. While Matt and I were taking a shoveling/snow blowing coffee break yesterday morning outside (it was really quite beautiful out) the neighbor stopped and started yelling at us. I just yelled back (we were in the back of our driveway) to have a good walk; be safe; watch out for cars that I’d already noticed were blowing through the stop sign. See, this was my time. My coffee-peaceful-yeah it finally snowed, time. So I’ll drown out your crazy but only with good thoughts. Have a nice walk.

He called me a bitch (or a prick but that seems really weird for a man to call a woman a prick.)

Now, it is beyond me as to what kind of human being you are to call a grown woman a bitch as a grown man. Right in front of her husband. Who does that? I honestly cannot wrap my head around it. It’s just not done. That’s not who we are. That’s just not how we walk through life. It’s weird. It’s hostile. And it’s not okay. It’s just not okay. There is some gene of civility and honor missing from your DNA. (This guy is an elementary school teacher too. Goody.)

Same goes for the internet. There have been people I honestly like it real life who have chosen to go after others on the Facebook and call them names. I dunno, maybe it was uncomfortably lulz in the past? But not now. Now it’s sad. It’s sad that this is the pathetic society we’ve become. That we call someone we don’t know a ‘cunt’ because they disagree with a stand we’ve taken. God. What has happened to us? There is no amount of good, or funny, or sarcastic (which everyone knows I LOVE) that can make up for calling another human being a name. I can’t excuse it. I don’t want any part of it or your energy. Because no matter what else is there that is good, I’ll always know that you will resort to 9 year old playground bullying tactics and I don’t trust you. It honestly makes me sad. The only thing I can do is “unfriend” someone so that the energy doesn’t enter my feed anymore but I guess that’ll have to be enough.

At the rate I’m going, I’ll have about 40 friends on the Facebook and only follow five of them cuz they post funny puppy and panda videos..and Strongman Champions League. That’s it.

Look, I don’t need sunshine and walks on the beach all day every day. Real life happens and that nice thing about the Facebook is that we can connect with those we otherwise wouldn’t and send them some energy that contains healing, or fun, or congratulations, or just silly. We’ll celebrate with you when you kick butt at a Strongman contest and win the whole dang thing (TEBOW!!!) or send e-hugs when your dog is sick and celebrate when he’s back home safe and sound. Stuff like that. There is a lot of good to the whole internet thing. But this ugly that is there too, I don’t want any part of it.


Leave bullying to bulls. Be human.

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