Monday Bacon: Saw The Big Guy Doing It

I saw what was probably one of THE most redunkulous “training” videos out of a camp that is notorious for kicking out silly videos. OH! I’m not talking fun silly like that prancing stuff, that was good shit. I’m talking about fast talking gibberish for 20 minutes saying absolutely nothing and using big words to do it.

But putting a video on the interwebz with a mixed grip clean and a mixed grip jerk? Dumb. Stupid. Irresponsible. Fok.

First off, I don’t care why he does it. I don’t care how he is a special flower who needs to rape a clean and jerk for current attention whoring, don’t care. What I care about is the fact that thousands of his followers around the world will say, Well, if HE does it, then I bet I can do it. Maybe even hit a PR with it.  It’s the classic case of “Well I saw the big guy in the gym doing “X” so if do that then will become a big guy.” Sigh.

I believe we can attribute 85% of the globo-gym stupidity that we see to YouTube. Thanks for that. The other 15% belongs to the creative genius of idiots. Well done. But to be a public figure in your exercise genre and put out a video so blatantly stupid takes the cake. Ever deal with a bicep tear? No? Not yet? Do this and give it time. Achilles tendon tears must be SO last year.

I equate taking exercise/lifting advice from someone like this to being helped at Victoria Secret’s by a fat lady who probably doesn’t get any. Unproductive.

Anyways. Moving on. We’d like to send a HUGE congratulations to our friend across the pond, Laurence Shahlaei for defending his Britain’s Strongest Man title and getting the win on Saturday. Loz has had his share of injuries this past spring and that he has fought his way back is the ultimate culmination of tenacity; hard work; commitment, and strength. We’re pleased as punch. His girl Liz, my English BFF, was there to share the day and she deserves huge props for her support and love. Here’s a video of Loz’s 433kg British Strongman deadlift record. Now, in my humble opinion, the hitch is unnecessary. The hamstrings were doing the work necessary to make 954 pounds fly off the ground. Hitching, therefore shortening the hamstrings and taking them out of the lift in a large part, is more of a habit I guess. Next time we’re sharing a pint, I’ll ask him about it.  On the other hand, it’s 954 pounds.

***The reason Loz is hitching the bar once it gets above his knee is due to his hamstring injury this spring in the gym. Really, he could write a book on how to rehab because as far as I know, his injury was a partial or complete hamstring tear and he just pulled 954. That’s strong folks. (But I still want to share that pint Loz!)

Pretty cute, eh?

While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it.

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