Fatties and Packer Fans

One of my training partners texted me this map the other day. I lol’d.

First off, I think this stuff is funny. Americans are infamous in other parts of the world for not knowing (or even pretending to care to know) geography. According to this map, it holds true even in our own country. Of course I really liked that Wisconsin was labeled as Fatties/Packer Fans. Yup.

A horrible, but fun, game I play whenever I travel and get connecting flights into Milwaukee is try to guess who is from Wisconsin and who is coming in for a brief cheese fix. I’m getting pretty good at it. Other than the annoying habit of needing to wear Packer shirts and jerseys (by the way, I don’t understand overweight middle aged men who wear football jersey’s out and aboot. At a game? Sure. At an actual football party? Ok. But on a plane or out to the mall? Why? I don’t get it) the signs are pretty common.

Bloated from too much carbs and sugar; pale and sometimes a little sweaty, classic signs of chronic inflammation…and then there’s the skinny fats. Still pale; no color to their skin; no muscle; skin hanging,  AND still bloated from the carbs and sugar they get to eat cuz they’re skinny. Lack of sleep, stress building due to life AND not feeling 100% healthy. Yup. All over the place.

Wisconsinites have done their fair share of eating their way into disease. Blame it on the cheese? I don’t think so. But I’m getting awfully tired of it. We know several people that we watch slowly eat themselves into a diseased state. But there’s medicine for disease, right? Just take some medicine. Has nothing to do with food, “I” just have special innards. Ugh. There are catastrophic diseases that need immediate medical care. Absolutely. And we’re fortunate to be able to get medical attention to fix those. Also, just because we attempt to eat in a way that fuels our bodies for better training but more importantly better quality of life, this does not mean we’ll avoid disease. We know that. We’re just trying to do what we can to make that disease fight harder than ever to catch us. Anyways.

But excuse me while I fail to have any respect for a “board, certified Doctor” who has been taught which medications to prescribe for which “diseases” and oh by the way, I’m sure the pharmaceutical industry has absolutely no influence whatsoever in these “doctors” prescribing the medicine that is labeled on every calendar, notepad, medical computer, cotton swab, and whatever the bend over and cough tool is used in every doctor’s office in ‘Merika. Wake up people. If your doctor doesn’t tell you that you’ve eaten yourself into disease and we’re going to attempt to fix this with better food for the next 6 months because medicine should ALWAYS be a last resort! then it’s time for a new doctor.

But that’s hard. So it won’t happen. We’ll watch people we love continue to be chronically inflamed with whatever particular diet they’ve deemed satisfactory mostly because it gives them lots of hugs during the week and after all, there’s medicine. That’s easier. Le sigh…

Customers come in and say they’ve stayed away because they’re eating better and trying to lose weight. Bullshit! They’re fatter than ever. Not my fault.


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