Friday Jams: Gullible

Good Lord we’re gullible. Case in point, the media circus that IS Chris Kluwe. First off, well done Mr. Kluwe, rarely does a former NFL punter keep himself embedded in the daily news. Where’s that little clappy icon, he’s needed here. Anyways…well done. So here’s our little Chris Kluwe for dummies 40 second rundown…

Ok, SO, Chris Kluwe feels strongly that homosexuals should be allowed to marry. Cool. No worries, he has a right to speak on his beliefs. He gained a large following cuz people who knew nothing about Chris Kluwe said “Oh heyyyyyy, you like gay marriage and talked about it in public, you’re so cool and brave and courageous. We love youuuuuu even though we know nothing else about youuuuu” and Chris Kluwe was all ‘yaaaaa man, I’m a brave muthafucker, speaking out on gay rights and all but I’m not a very good punter anymore so I’m looking for a new role for the future and y’all are buying into it so heyyyyyy guys thanks!’ 

And those of us who are all, ‘Uh, you’re a football player, a punter at that. You should punt the ball cuz the only relevance you have in our lives is on Sunday and whether or not you punt well. Don’t care about your personal beliefs cuz I’m not a sucker who will buy into your scam just cuz you’re speaking out on an issue that many of us just  LIVE our daily lives by supporting and shut the fuck up about it’ were all, srsly dude, STFU and play ball.

But then Kluwe got cut from the Vikings (NO stupid people, they don’t renegotiate a less than average punter’s contract. They fire him. Cuz there’s a line of punters behind him who will come play better for less money.) DUH!

And then Kluwe was all, “hey you big bigoted Vikings coaches and owners,  you fired me cuz I’m for gay marriage.” And the rest of the reasonable world was all, “No, fucknutt, they fired you for the same reason the Raiders did. You weren’t good.” 

So ya, there ya go. But in honor of all you low knowledge gullible people who actually know absolutely nothing about whether Chris Kluwe is really a stand up guy in real life other than speaking out on a highly politicized charged topic…The Flatliners, Gullible…eh?

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.

Philip K. Dick

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