Tasty Memories

Growing up, it was pretty rare that we ate out. An occasional bucket of KFC for Sunday dinner, MAYBE a burger king hangaber after swim practice if we were running late to the next activity, it happened, but not very often.

But there were a few very rare evenings when dad would come home for dinner before heading back up to the church for his nightly meetings and say, “Let’s go grab some Arthur Treacher’s.” YES!!!!!!  Those were good nights. To this day, I have no idea what would bring on the Arthur Treacher’s spending binge, but I loved it. Fried fish and chips, nummmmmm. We had to wait longer for our food and I ALWAYS wanted to get some just for us to eat on the way home in addition to the regular order. Yuh, I’ve been doing the pre-game meal for a while now. Sometimes dad would let me do that, but not always. So even the special fish and chips night had the opportunity to be epic. Fo shizzle.

To this day, I still have in my mind that Arthur Treacher’s (by the way, saying Arthur Treacher’s in my head every time I type it is tough for this ‘r’ challenged speech therapy class dropout) has the greatest fish and chips on planet Earth. I mean, come on! Hush puppies, this was the only time in my life I could get hush puppies! And all of it served on cool pub paper…

NOW, in all reality, IS this the greatest fish and chips on the planet? I’m guessing not, I’ve had better as an adult. The grease is better pretty much everywhere and I get a Guinness with the meal. I DO remember the chips were crispy and I still enjoy crispy rather than soggy chips. But I’m in Wisconsin now and we have tator tots. Ever have Poutine with tots instead of fries? Uhhhhhh, if no, run to the Red Dot meow. RIGHT MEOW!

But such is the strength of food and memories. I know many, MANY, people who will continue to make shitty food choices just because it brings about some type of happy memory. You’re tasting the memories sweeties, not the food. Start tasting the food. Of course if your diet consists of lots of sugar and refined carbs, you’re not even tasting that. The food actually HAS to be as shitty and greasy as possible in order for you to just taste it. That’s happy.

I’ve previously listed my and Bigg’s list of “if food were hugs.” I can’t remember if I put Arthur Treacher’s on it. I don’t think so. It’s too special, too close to my heart. It’s a special car ride with just me and my Dad. That didn’t happen often. It’s a splurge that we savored, or at least I did. We KNEW it was a splurge therefore treated it with the reverence only a splurge should receive.

I have no idea if Arthur Treacher’s is still around. I DO know that if it is, I won’t touch it. Can’t. There is no way I’ll ruin the tasty memory of our meals there. Quite honestly, that’s exactly where this shitty food that holds good memories belong. In your mind, not your mouth. Savor it…and move on.

There is no greater sorrow
Than to recall a happy time
When miserable.

Dante Alighieri

Training Log

About tosabarbell

For training opportunities at tosabarbell, call or text Juli at 320-296-9313. e-mail to jep6095@gmail.com At tosabarbell, I build relationships cultivated in a strength and learning environment. There is no 12 week magic pill program to strength but rather a lifetime commitment to be the very best and most useful human you can be. tosabarbell is a private, home grown gym with three lifting platforms; squat rack; prowlers; throwing implements; bars, bumpers and everything else needed for an effective strength and conditioning program. Straightforward barbell programming including the Olympic lifts; sound (read: not fancy bullshit) diet advance for weight gain or loss; and strong coaching will ensure you will meet your goals such as becoming stronger, more explosive, and better conditioned. I have been coaching teams and athletes for over 30 years. I grew up participating in various sports at various levels but was always drawn to those that require strength training. I have multiple local, national, and world records in the sports of Weightlifting and Highland Games Heavy Events as well as a combined total of 5 World Championships. My 5 years of training and coaching under Mark Rippetoe provided a wide range of influence from some of the top strength & conditioning and throwing coaches in the country. I will strongly encourage tosabarbell athletes to compete (and prepare you to do so.) However, tosabarbell is also for those who wish to be stronger and go through life feeling better. Matt WanAt is a retired Professional Strongman who competed frequently with Strongman Champions League in Europe. He played a year of D1 football with Iowa before concentrating on his Chemical Engineering degree in Iowa City. He is a native of Wauwatosa and still remains a staunch supporter of Tosa East. This blog will be a mixture of strength notes, coaching and nutrition tips, personal shit; bacon delicacies, and a whole lot of fun.
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