Friday Jams: Demolition Man

I’m in Minneapolis for the weekend, enjoying some time with the Oz man. The big news right now, since it’s warmed up, is the demolition of the Metrodome. I haven’t been here for all of the new stadium hub bub so I’ll save myself from commenting too much about the new design. But seriously, is it an Ark? A Viking ship? A Midwest version of the Crystal Cathedral? I don’t get it.


The Dome has been around for 32 years. How can that be? There’s no WAY I’m that old!! Say what you want about the Dome, it’s warm and toasty and host of the Dome Dog. When I was in High School, we’d rush out of church on Sundays and go sell programs at the Vikings games. This meant that we’d get to go into the bowels of the Dome; get our instructions and our program carts, and then watch warm ups before the doors opened. There were even times we got to sell at Monday Night Football games. I sat in complete awe watching Coach Landry stoically stand on the sidelines watching his team go through their routine. I watched Tony Dorsett run 99 yards to an NFL record touchdown run. It was amazing.

I wove my Homer Hankie at Twin’s games. We went to a game where twins (real twins, like the Z’s) got to circle the field prior to the baseball game. I told my Zac I’d give him a buck if he ran out to the Right field (they had us in a straight line on the gravel…DON’T TOUCH THE FIELD!!!) and did a cartwheel. And he did. I have a picture. It’s fantastic. The security dude just rolled his eyes and laughed.

I even went to a Basketball game the first year the NCAA March Madness tour came to Minneapolis. I remember one of the games had Nebraska in it. But then we found out they don’t serve beer at college functions so we left. F that. Basketball? With no beer? Hardly.

I have no idea how many times I’ve been to the Dome. Lots. There are so many memories that they’re all jumbled together right now. I was very fortunate to be able to attend so many sporting events both there and at the old Met Center watching the North Stars and even the REALLY old Met Stadium tailgating at Twins games and one VERY cold Vikings game. There’s no wonder sports has a special place in my life.

But now the Dome is being replaced and instead of a spectacular demotion like other stadiums and arenas gone before, they’re just pulling it apart. Meh. Kinda anti-climactic. Supposedly you can grab a few (or more) of the blue seats while they’re taking it apart. It’d be kinda fun to have a few. I have no idea what I’d do with them, the Bigg guy isn’t even close to getting in one. But it’d still be fun.

With all those memories, one of my favorites is still the one I wasn’t even in attendance for…thank dogs…

Today’s post is dedicated to the Metrodome. All the victories…and failures. All the memories. Kirby Puckett. School field trips. A World Championship…and then again in ’91. Dan Gladden. High School football tournaments. The Dome dog. Running the stairs for free cups after a game. Yelling, “Program here, get’cher program” and then sitting wherever we wanted for the second half of Vikings games. Hearing the crack of the bat and losing the ball in the white ceiling. Taking the train to the game and then spending 45 minutes to get home which was 6 miles away (no, I never took the Metro after that.) A very brief basketball game. Pre-gaming at Hubert’s. Sitting in Jared Allen’s section with my great friend Chris for the playoff victory over the Cowboy’s (thanks again Johnnie, that was AMAZING!)

Thanks for the memories.

Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.

Oscar Wilde

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