Monday Bacon: Fund me. No, Fund ME! NO-FUND ME!!!!

In the never ending quest to be douche on the internet, an interesting little e-aggression was noticed last week. Now, to be clear, the main players weren’t the douche instigators. I believe they were used by a shit stirrer who likes to, well, stir shit. Duh.

We looked and looked for the original post that got these two parties involved ( who I have no idea if they know each other or not) but couldn’t so some of our interpretation of the exchange comes from piecing different posts together.

But let’s back track a bit. The Fund Me world of the Facebook has been growing for some time now. We’ve given money here and there to different causes. Some we know, some we don’t. Mostly athletes but sometimes for health causes that are started by athletes. We’ve given as we could, sometimes $10 and sometimes $50. Doesn’t matter. We give where we feel led to give and are happy to do it. Most times, athletes will state WHY they’re looking for the donation and those who show how hard they’re working for their upcoming event get our attention. I’m always amazed at how quickly five or ten dollars can add up for someone. It’s very cool. I’ve encouraged a few people to try the Fund Me route and am always pleased when I see dreams come true through the generosity of others. There have been a few Fund Me notices where the word “DESERVE” is used. F*k off, no one deserves anything. Not only will you not get our money, you just lost my respect. I’ve seen different folks say that their hard work makes them ‘DESERVING’ of some type of reward. Uh uh. See, that’s not how the world works. A whole bunch of folks work their arses off and still miss glory. It’s called life.

But for the most part, everyone is cordial and humble and really just wants a chance to make it on some stage in sport. We’ll help that cause as we can and send good wishes along the way. We heard story after story during the Olympics of folks who used the Go Fund Me route to get their loved ones over to Russia. Good on them. By the way, they never used the word DESERVED. Nope. They just said they’d really like to be there to cheer on their son or daughter or hubby or wife and asked if others would like to contribute. I guess in my eyes, that’s the purpose of this online funding stuff. Pretty cool.

But last week it turned a bit ugly thanks to one douchenozzle trying to make trouble. And he did. Well done douche. It seems one athlete started a Fund Me to help him get to a powerlifting meet. The asking price? $250. So no, he (and I have no idea who this guy is by the way) didn’t ask for some obnoxious amount of money to stay at the Hotel Sofitel and have limo service back and forth to the meet. He asked for help with some gas and food and I’m assuming a cheap hotel. He didn’t use the word DESERVE. He said please and thank you like a good boy should.

But at some point, douchebag decided to get others involved in this and brought up the idea that polite boy’s “cause” was BS and there are other organizations (and he tagged one) that DESERVE money more than him going to one meet. Uhhhh, huh? See, this other organization raises hundreds of thousands of dollars with their lifting events that goes directly to sick children. We believe in this cause, we donate to it and will do it again (don’t worry Eric, we haven’t forgotten about you!!) My ex has worked this amazing meet and will do it again. We’re all in on this one. So why one trouble maker would need to stir up shit and compare these two, seemingly pitting their causes against each other, is stupid. It’s disgusting and with other shit stirring going on in the interwebz world last week, I’ve had it. It’s not real, it’s the internet. Knock it off.

My point is this, we’ll decide where to put our money. It will include powerlifting meets, and cancer walks, and a homeless shelter, and probably a Strongman competition. It will also include WE Energies and dog food. And about 20# of meat each week unless my guy is on the road. WE’LL decide. I don’t need some douche telling ME where my money shouldn’t go. And I’m guessing most other folks do okay on their own too. Letting others create and envelope you in drama is silly. It’s high school and I didn’t play that game even when I WAS in high school.

So next time someone wants to give purpose to some other’s cause and include you? Please tell them to move along. Nothing to see here folks, we’re too busy being awesome for your drama. And for those working and working for a goal and asking others for a few bucks to help, good on ya. If we can help we will but at the very least we’ll send some strong wishes for your success.

True story.

We should not give away a moment to anyone who does not deserve it.

Deb Caletti

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