Friday Jams: Fallen Heroes



One thing about the FB, it’s always good for some dog pics. Sure Cat and Horse too, but the dogs rule the FB. We love our dogs. I will battle my neighbors for my dogs and don’t give one shit if I don’t have a ‘neighborly’ friendliness with them because of it. Terry Smith down south has quite an adorable bulldog(?) puppy named Crom. So far, at 8:05am, he’s won the internet for the day. The dog is adorable and though I don’t know him very well, Crom and Terry seem to be two peas in a pod. Heh.

We all love our dogs. I read about a Yellowstone thermal pool death of a man when he jumped in to save his dog, who by the way was probably already mostly dead by the time the human got there. Supposedly his last words were something to the effect of, ‘it’s my dog.’ Heartbreaking.  There are a lot of folks who keep their dog on a short chain bolted outside. Poor dogs. Currently, my two are keashed out after a rough morning of eating and walking down the stairs.

I grew up with dogs and they were all family members. We were raised to look out for our dogs. Don’t let them run in the street (when I was 4 or 5, our baby Puggie ran out in the street when we were moving something into our house up north. I was young but have a vivid memory of my mom and the woman who hit Gittle sobbing together on our living room floor. Gittle made a full recovery and had a very nice Puggie life. Other than my big white dogs, I luvs the Puggie’s.) We all are pretty serious about taking care of our dogs and making sure they’re safe and sound and happy.

But what happens when we knowingly bring our dogs into one of the thickest battles of history? What was that like? Knowing that YOU may not make it out of D-Day alive, but then having to wonder who is going to take care of your dog. Cuz that’s how dog people’s minds think right? Always ‘my dog.’ Take care of ‘my dog.’ Lazar Bachovic has written an article on the Paradogs of WWII. Here’s a short excerpt.

There have been dogs in war for centuries and many in other branches of the armed forces documented during WWII. But the paradogs? They’ve got my vote. See, the humans knew what they were training for. They were jumping out of airplanes because liberty was more important than life. The dogs? They knew that making their human happy was more important than their life. So if jumping out of an airplane and looking after them once on the ground made their human happy? They’re all in.

That’s a hero.

D-Day has always held a special place in my heart. For some reason it’s the one day a year my dad would stay home later in the morning and we’d watch news specials about it. Anytime my dad was still home at 8am, it was a special day. We usually had just gotten out of school for the year but didn’t sleep in on June 6. On June 6, we remembered. It made my dad cry which was kinda uncomfortable but solidified the point that this was a big day. The History channel seems to learn from it’s mistakes and is airing footage and specials about the battles all day. Two years ago they aired Pawn Stores or some stupid show all day. Idiots.


Today is special. Fallen heroes are remembered, both the two footed and the four footed kind. One woman, a private’s daughter, who thinks of her father facing the beach that day writes this:

I don’t know how or why I can feel this emptiness, this fear, or this determination, but I do. Maybe it’s the bond I had with my father. All I know is that it brings tears to my eyes to think about my father as a 20-year-old boy having to face that beach.


I’ve used this video before. That’s ok. It’s a good one.


Today, in their memory, and for all who fought here, we celebrate the triumph of democracy. We reaffirm the unity of democratic people who fought a war and then joined with the vanquished in a firm resolve to keep the peace.

From a terrible war we learned that unity made us invincible; now, in peace, that same unity makes us secure. We sought to bring all freedom-loving nations together in a community dedicated to the defense and preservation of our sacred values. Our alliance, forged in the crucible of war, tempered and shaped by the realities of the post-war world, has succeeded. In Europe, the threat has been contained, the peace has been kept.

Ronald Reagan

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