I’m not talking about a zoo bound dead gorilla. Ever. JHMFC people, you are the media’s puppets.

That should outrage you. See, today everyone is outraged. I’ve seen the word on different social media posts no less than two dozen times. It’s only 11:00am and I slept in and the Americans are outraged. Not because our next President and leader of the free world will either be (imo) half of one of the most corrupt political couples in U.S. history (the Clinton’s make Francis and Claire look like Ricky and Lucy, srsly) or a bumbling, egomaniac that has the ego of Putin without the diabolical smarts. Either way?

Fucked. That’s outrageous. This is your country. What could Americans accomplish if their outrage was channeled towards making America better? We just won’t know, we’re too busy letting the media sway us onto benign topics and chewing on their bone for however many days they are told to keep us busy.


Meet Za’layia Jenkins. She was 9. Sitting in her house watching television in Milwaukee when a shoot out opened outside her home. A shoot out. Not a cool, Kurt Russel’ish ‘AND HELLS COMING WITH ME’ shoot out but a real one. Where a little girl was shot and eventually died just because she was sitting in her house watching tv.

That, friends, should elicit outrage. That is outrageous. If each and every one of you fools who are ready to string up a mom for letting her kid out of her sight (like you NEVER have/did/would do) marched your asses over to North Milwaukee and were led by Sheriff Clark (we love him too) and said,

“No more. We are OUTRAGED that you are killing children in your own neighborhood. You’re DONE.” And that’s just north Milwaukee. Name any city and you’ll find that neighborhood where these outrageous things are happening every day.

Oh, and uhhhh, the elephant in the fucking room (I was going to say the ‘dead gorilla in the fucking room’…too soon?) is that pesky number of abortions in America since Roe v. Wade. Something along the lines of 59 million plus. Now, pro-life or pro-choice, don’t care. Really, I’ll respect your right to own a solid opinion on the matter. But your opinion doesn’t dismiss the fact that over 59 million babies have been aborted.

59 million babies. One gorilla.


Living life through meme’s? Check.

Moral outrage on something that has no affect on you whatsoever? Check.

The media’s sheep? Check.

I find that outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. Today is a day to read a book. Or watch Soap Operas. Or mow my lawn by taking an eyebrow scissors and individually cutting each blade of grass at a time. But stay off social media (except to read this blog post of course). Because the amount of outrage makes me outraged. And I’m trying to be zen today. So piss off pretend gorilla lovers, you’ve done nothing in the way of furthering the species to date. Why start now?


A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.

Thomas Paine

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