Friday Jams: Shopping


My daughter has been FB tagging me her Christmas shopping list. Prepared, that’s her. But it’s October and I’m fairly certain that there are rules against Christmas shopping in October. Sorry Za not sorry.

However, I did goof off on the interwebz this morning to see what trendy things are out there for prizes. I found a few good ones.


Carry on cocktail kits

I can think of about 87 people who could use this and they have ‘Highland Games athlete’ written all over them.

A professional grade flavor injector and some steam punk goggles. Look, I know I know a lot of cool guys but you buy a boy a huge needle and some crazy glasses and they’ll head to the grill with a hunk of meat and play mad scientist. Don’t even think of telling me I’m wrong.

sig sauer p320 compact price for sale

sig sauer p320 compact price for sale

Nothing keeps the ‘Christ’ in Christmas like a new gun. In fact, I suggest you buy your gun early because if Hillary is voted in, she’s going to take all of our guns (I really just adore when people say that about any politician.)


I think a Brandon Lilly deadlift portrait hanging in the dining room would be a great conversation piece. (**note: while the briefs deadlift shot is fine, hold out for a ranger panties deadlift picture. You’re welcome.)


I’m just gonna put this out there for AD’s who are looking for new ideas for Games prizes. Cuz, awesome!


This pistachio pedestal is actually kind of cool and under $50. I’ll probably buy one and say I’m going to have it around for a cool gift to give but then either forget about it or just keep it for myself.


Homemade prizes really mean the most. You could also use this as an ice breaker at your Christmas party and then use all information gained through your ice breaker as blackmail for the next year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


This actually is advertised as, Let’s Play Doctor, for adults on the interwebz. I wonder what the Let’s Play Doctor, for children game looks like.

And when all else fails:


Love coupons… I guess. A foot rub got Tony Rockamora thrown out a window, no thanks. Also, I pretty much do the dishes all the time anyway. Don’t really like going to movies and I’m not giving up control of the remote. Ever. Matt doesn’t eat breakfast and what in the world would he ever want to veto? All my ideas are brilliant! We just got Sling TV which means a ‘Nice quiet night in’ is our every night. Dude, I’ve got, like 18 sports channels to watch. I’m pretty busy. Anything for you? Well, I guess that depends on what “anything” looks like and if it’s a foot rub, forget it.

There ya go. Some great Christmas ideas in October. Oops, I suppose I should put some music in here since it’s Friday Jams:

I just really love this song. If Marilyn Manson’s This is Halloween doesn’t put you in the Halloween spirit, you’re dead inside (which is actually very Halloween. I love irony.)

Music is the strongest form of magic.

Marilyn Manson

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