When I wrote about looking forward to a weekend with the pilots, I severely underestimated the experience. I was just a tad concerned that the build up and expectations I’d set would fall just a hair short. Boy, was I wrong.

These people? They know how to throw a party.

Weddingplane in flowers

After a beautiful and slightly funny wedding (thanks to their Priest, he was a stitch) a few of us relaxed and had snacks (and Sangria:) while the wedding party did their wedding party thing. Spending time with KCon and Rich in a quieter setting and having a chance to talk was a treat. Honestly, TREAT is a word I used often that evening. See, I don’t take fun for granted. I love having fun but I’ve had enough bumps in the road to understand that fun is a treat. Hugs are a treat. Dancing with the bride was a treat (I stepped on her feet, probably not much of a treat for her.)

The airplanes they had as one of the favors was a treat, even more so when the groom’s Ma (who somehow adopted Bigg for the night) told us to put together as many as possible and fly them all night long. Giving this crew open invitation for flying cardboard airplanes at each other all night was a risk. We sent about eight of them at the bride and groom when they arrived to the reception. Had to.

We were placed at what could only be the funnest table of the party (I know the bride and groom probably had a fun table too, I just don’t see how theirs could compare to ours.) Pilots; pilots sister’s; wives; and us situated right between the open bar and the actual treat table. Score.


Having a chance to spend time with Dobbs; KCon; Rich: Jeff; the Howie mask; and Jack was the biggest treat of all. Really. As serious as they are about their careers, they take celebrating just as seriously and we had an absolute blast. It was really quite something. Thinking about it makes me overwhelmed with thankfulness that we were able to be there.


We had a slight misunderstanding during the night when one of my FB pictures caused a ruckus among friends back home…

Photo: Wedding selfies

See, I labeled this ‘wedding selfies.’ I guess that got some folks talking and an informant, errr, informed me that people thought Bigg and I had tied the not. Uhhhhhh, no. Stop it people. Not happening. Anywhoo, since I had spent the last seven hours drinking Sangria and wine, I MAY have decided to have fun and fan the flames on that little rumor. It quickly got out of hand and I had to focus my double vision to put a stop to it. MyBad.

All in all, it was one for the books. By far the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding and a complete treat from morning ’till…well the next morning when we all had breakfast together. Which, by the way, was another unexpected treat. It’s the first time I’ve actually wanted to write a Thank You to the bride and groom for bringing us together and giving us all such a wonderful day.

Jess and Jeff…thank you. Aloha.

It’s the one night where everyone I care about is in one room and I CAN’T talk to them!

Jeff, lamenting about the fact that the evening went so fast.

Training Log

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