There are at least two absolutes in life (no, not death and taxes), one; when Bohemian Rhapsody comes on the readio, you sing. Loudly. B) When you happen upon Blazing Saddles on the television, you watch it. Even if the Gopher’s are playing the Fighting Sioux (suck it NCAA) in the Frozen Four.

I mentioned last week my love for the Marx Brothers. I love watching their movies because they’re talented and talent is in short supply, has been on the Big screens for at least 20 years. They sing, dance, play all kinds of music and have a comedic timing that is a thing of beauty. But most of all, they pushed the envelope. Groucho Marx and his sexual innuendos were incredibly risque in his time although I would contend that most of his lines would now be lost on the majority of young people under 30.

There were few like him. Oh sure, Bob Hope was funny, but he was white bread. His acts were fun and silly and at times suggestive, but he kept on the right side of the line.

And then came Mel Brooks.

An obviously comedic talent, his antics with Carl Reiner are legendary. My cousin Paul and I would sit and watch Get Smart on Sunday nights and laugh are little asses off. When he came up with The Producers (a musical about Adolph Hitler), no one would touch it. No one would distribute it and it was finally shown as an art film. Brooks won an Oscar for it. After a couple of unsuccessful films, along came Blazing Saddles.

Seriously, this scene alone brings tears to my eyes. (I’ve just re-watched it five times. Laughed out loud every time.)

Racism, sexism, just plain sex, homosexuality, violence, and music (I’m sure there are other politically incorrect topics I’m not thinking of too.) All rolled into one hilarious movie. Who would dare? Mel Brooks. His other movies were fun too, Young Frankenstein plays around here from about Oct 1 until Thanksgiving.

Brooks has won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony, and a Grammy. Solid.

We now live in a world where no one laughs at anything. Brooks would never have made it if he were just starting out now. But Blazing Saddles brings us back to a time when we used to have sense of humors and not be so fucking serious about every thing spoken or implied. In your face humor. I still love it.


If you’re quiet,  you’re not living. You’ve got to be noisy, and colorful, and lively.

Mel Brooks

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