Friday Jams: Eurovision

I don’t watch much television. Well, scratch that. I watch sports on tv. Right now I’m down to at least two hockey games left for the season and even though I’m forced to watch Chicago play I’ll take it. We caught about 90 seconds of a basketball game last night where one of the players bumped into a camera man and was “man down” for about 5 minutes. For bumping his head. 5 minutes. Tell me how people watch that sport.


There’s a few shows we watch. Suits, which is coming back soon I think. There’s only about six episodes per “season” so that’s convenient. I like reality cooking shows, Top Chef is my favorite. I think another season is out this fall. I hope. In general, television sucks. Our tv didn’t work in Iceland, so awesome. As much as I do like some background noise occasionally, it was nice not having it on. I do like Eurosport though, a sports channel that shows more than three sports…and poker. Innovative.

On Friday evening at Petur’s house (I don’t know how to get the little mark over the ‘e’ in his name to correctly spell his name. Apologies for that) I was talking with his young daughter and she started talking to me about Eurovision. I’m all, “huh??” and she’s all, “ya, it’s a huge singing contest television show.” While eating, Belgium giant Tommy De Bruijn piped in and told me that winning Eurovision is how ABBA got their start. WHAT?! I LOVE ABBA. How have I never heard of this thing. (‘Merika is so sheltered.)

So I did me some googling (verb, google that shit.) This thing has arguably the same amount of viewers as European football. Some had numbers in the 600 million internationally. 600 million…less one American. Had never heard of it. YouTube it on a rainy day and you can hear and see all of the contenders video’s, it’s awesome.

This years winner was a Swede. Cute boy, very All American-errrrr, All Swedish. Mans Zelmerlow, Hero. It’s pretty awesome. There are others I like, Estonia’s is very sultry and sexy but I have many more to see. Serbia’s is ncredible, very Mama Cass. In fact, I’m adding it here. It’s spot on.

So cheers to my teenage Icelandic friend and thank you for pulling at least one American out of my sheltered existence. And oh hey! It’s a rainy day…goodbye productivity, hello Eurovision!!

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

Colin Powell

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