Monday Bacon: Contouring


Before and after. Well done makeup. Well done.

I have to admit, I hate those contouring videos that are all over the Instagram. The amount of makeup these 20 somethings are putting on their face is disgusting. I literally scream at the screen, “THIS IS THE BEST YOUR SKIN IS EVER GOING TO BE!!!! STOP!!!!!” Well, I used to. Now I just let these stupid 20 somethings compete with the attention whoring “fitness” Instagram girls and stay focused on my puppy and panda video’s and pictures. (Ya, I also watch a crap ton of throwing and weightlifting video’s but even THEY aren’t as much fun as Pandas getting their medicine videos.)

***WARNING*** This post is far easier for me to write knowing this woman and husband will not be frequenting the White House often during the next four years. Fact.

There is a photo circulating right now of Hillary Clinton without her make up on. Oh I know, it’s meant to show what an old hag she’s become and thank goodness that she won’t be our President. Blah blah blah.

I remember this past year when Mrs. Clinton’s make up artist was hitting the contouring hard. I mean, come on people, we’re not stupid. You look refreshed the morning after looking like a Czech Gangbang star, some questions will be asked. Duh. But now there’s this:


And even then, I think she has some light make up on.

I dunno. I like it. It’s real. It’s age. It’s a lifetime in politics and being married to an obvious womanizer/cheater/rapist but staying with him in attempts to achieve your own goals. I tip my hat. Especially because, if we’re lucky enough to enter into our 70’s, dude, this is coming. I still need to find a picture of my Tutu before she died because the lines I have at nearly 50 are forming verbatim to hers. Just this past weekend, I looked at my 23 year old daughter’s hands and mine and realized that mine are Tutu’s aged to perfection..

By the way, other people’s candid’s who are going on 70 or just into the 70’s…


I loved Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone; The War of the Roses, and Basic Instinct. In fact, a perfect snow day are those 3 movies.


Lonesome Dove. Nuff said.


Ok, she’s actually 81 but DAMN! 81!!!!


I’ve always loved Angelica Huston. Prizzi’s Honor remains the ultimate Mobster movie and as Morticia? Nailed it!


Even Broadway Joe ages. Even Broadway Joe.

Moral of the story? We all age. If the papers want to go after Mrs. Clinton for being one half of the most corrupt political couple in U.S. History, I’m all in. But if all you want to do is show a picture without her make up on to try to make her look bad, I’m out. Gawds, how hard is it for either side of our media to be classy?

I guess the hardest #thatswhatshesaid.

It is a fact that around the world the elites of every country are making money.

Hillary Clinton

p.s. Including you Mrs. Clinton. Including you.

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