But You Didn’t

I had some initial thoughts yesterday after hearing about the Boston bombings. First and foremost… not good. There are people who’s lives are permanently damaged and changed both emotionally and physically. Those are the folks who I assume are on the receiving end of the endless thoughts and prayers coming from the general public.

The next few thoughts came in quick succession. First, the media will now run the same two to three clips available reporting absolutely nothing. All you people who just spent 8 hours in front of CNN, you’ll never get those 8 hours back. And you learned nothing. Nothing. You’ll hear Wolf Blitzer speculate and make up stories as long as it keeps a viewer on his channel. What a piece of garbage.

After they become bored with themselves (as if), they’ll seek out spectators and those “on the scene” for eyewitness accounts. The two most common questions will be, “Where were you when the bombs exploded?” and “How are you feeling about it?” Morons. This will eventually trickle down to the local news stations where they have been scrambling trying to find a “connection” to the tragedy. Who’s there that we know, who can come on and tell us about running, who has ever been to Boston in the last 40 years?” Put ’em on the tube.

The predominant message we’ll hear (or those of you still watching will hear) is…“I was almost in that spot” or “I almost could have maybe been in that area and died!” But you didn’t, why are you on the news? Two stories stick out in my mind. One woman who sometimes shops at one of the stores that was at the center of one of the explosions was “Terrified” that she shops there regularly and “COULD” have been there at that time. But you weren’t? So why are you on TV? You’re ok, see? You weren’t there. Shut up.

Another story was of a runner who is attributing the fact that she’s still alive to two mid-run bathroom breaks. Cuz, “If not for those bathroom breaks, I’d be dead right now.” But you aren’t. You’re on the news giving an eyewitness account of absolutely nothing. You smelled smoke up ahead and didn’t know what it was, then had to stop running. Other than running for about four hours in the same city where this occurred, you have nothing to do with it. You didn’t die. See? Shut up.

Harsh. I know. But someone please tell me what it is about Americans that they need to “almost” be struck with tragedy? I get it, it’s scary and turns our extremely secure world upside down for a few days. But you’re ok. I’m ok. The blood on the sidewalk? It’s not yours. So shut up and be thankful. Get off the news and go hug your dog. If you don’t have a dog then I can understand why you’re such a spastic attention whore. Go get a dog.

The second to last thought is wondering how the government will use this to decrease our personal rights. Cuz it’s coming. Wait for it.

Lastly, to families who now have a long journey of grief; healing; and rebuilding…aloha.

Half a truth is often a great lie.

Benjamin Franklin

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