I just don’t understand. What in the world has happened to our young men? Who ARE you people? Who has convinced you that dressing up (with the same sizes) as a pre-pubescent girl is OKAY???? WHO? Just tell me, you can send me a confidential note. I won’t rat you out. What I WILL do is have this conversation directly with the offenders.

First this; I took the Oz man shopping for some shorts since all of his are now too small. We started at Target and didn’t get far before I realized that the men’s and women’s sections are eerily similar.

Pink and baby blue slim fit shorts. W! T! F! The camo shorts; usually a must have in Oz’s closet; still didn’t pass his inspection after declaring them “too small, only skinny/weak kids can fit into that.” True story. You see, a 13 year old who is often asked why he’s so big knows the only good answer to that is ‘why you so small?’ He understands that real boys don’t wear slim fit. So Target is out since they’ve given up on American Men. Shame, that.

So I know I was already a little fired up on the topic of current “men’s wear” when I then ran into this article.

Yup, men’s lingerie. Please tell me this is a joke. Please? Have we just given up completely on the idea of big, strong, MANLY men? Godsakes people, draw the fucking line in the sand! A pillow fight with a man in a teddy? No girls. NO!

I cannot imagine what my Grandpa would have said to that. Men (heterosexual men) dressing up in lingerie? No. That’s not a real man. A real man is hairy; smells of sweat and soap; muscley; works hard; trains hard; eats lots; wears gym gear on most days when not at work; is a fair and responsible leader of his home and puts his girl on a pedestal. Fact. Or I’m just spoiled.

Try to put a teddy on this?

Another line up

I don’t think so.

It’s a very confusing era that we’re in.

Clint Eastwood

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